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Hi, my name is Rebecca and I have been in love with wool and all things textile for as long as I can remember. I adore the tactile qualities and how completely versatile wool is, and how this can compliment and contradict it’s many uses.

Wool has been a part of my life since my very first moments. When I was born I was wrapped in a woollen blanket, my dolls were dressed in handmade, woollen clothes and as I grew my grandmother dressed me in clothes she’d knitted herself.

I was taught to knit by my grandmother (several times! It didn’t always sink in!), but my true woollen epiphany came in 2007, when my sister introduced me to needle felting with merino wool.


I fell hopelessly in love!

I worked with felt whilst I studied at The University College Falmouth, UK, and incorporated needle felting into my final, sculptural pieces.

And I just haven’t been able to stop felting since.

 I love working on my unique, one of a kind, needle felted sculptures and in 2010 I took my feltwork another step further and launched my first online shop that lead to the birth of Rebecca’s Emporium.

 A wonderful few years of loving and developing my feltwork followed. Gathering my inspiration from a world which needed a little cheering up. I love that my felt pieces bring smiles to people’s faces. A random smile from an unlikely source.


Then in 2013 i decided to work in another direction, being forever intrigued by new techniques and always wanting to know more, I began to teach myself crochet.

A craft so ancient and so constant throughout my life. Knowing that I was about to start a family myself, I needed to learn the craft for myself and bring it into my own little one’s life. (That and it’s much safer to be crocheting around a baby then using felting needles!)

My development into motherhood was mirrored with my development of crochet and joining with my love of making the little things fun, I have found myself making things to make meal times fun with my growing little one. I’ve worked and tested many designs with many yarns but am finally happy with my designs to be able to bring them to Rebecca’s Emporium.


Bringing both my needle felted pieces and my crocheted work together, I find myself constantly learning and developing designs, learning different ways to work wool and generally becoming more and more amazed at the vast amount of techniques and skills there are to learn when working with this amazing material.

Always throughout my work – My aim is to Make The Little Things Fun. To make you smile in a little moment of your day, just something little, but totally worthwhile. Never underestimate the little things.


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