Felt Work

Autumn is on the Way!

Has anyone else noticed a subtle change in the morning air lately? It’s like things are just a little bit frostier and the air has that amazing freshness that you can only find in an Autumnal breeze. And don’t get me started on the spiders! I think that they’ve officially declared our house to be the best in the neighborhood. They’re flocking to our ceilings on mass, especially the gigantic ones for some reason. We only have so many corners in our house guys! Cut it out!

I think I can quite safely say that Autumn has arrived!

And with Autumn of course… There’s Halloween!!

I can’t get enough of Halloween. Not necessarily the sweets and running around the streets gathering up as many as possible. But the fun of dressing up, letting your imagination go a little nuts. Any costume you like, what would you choose?! And then the house! Lets cover it in pumpkins and skulls and cobwebs (I think I may already have that sorted this year thanks to my new house guests!).

Then there’s also the thoughtfulness of Halloween. If you look past the commercial side of it there’s the connecting with nature as the trees and plants start providing the harvest, and all of life begins to prepare for the coming Winter. For me, it’s a time to remember the dead and watch in awe at the magic of nature.


My oldest little one is just about the age now where this is really getting quite exciting. I haven’t’ asked him what he would like to dress up for this year yet, but I’m predicting something Pokemon related! Last year I think he’d seen one of the videos online of that magical cardboard transformer outfit that literally transformed you into a cardboard car when you got down onto your tummy, and demanded that! Ummm… a little beyond my crafting ability there son!

This year I have created some lovely pumpkin decorations to hang up in our house, and of course they’re available for you to buy in my shop too! The little one has asked for a few for his bedroom as well, so I’m confident that our house will be looking decidedly Halloweeny come the end of October – especially if the spiders keep coming!

And as always, I am happy to create some spooky needle felted sculptures for those of you who adore Halloween as much as I do! Just get in touch through my Etsy shop and let me know what you have in mind РBats, Witches, crazy Pumpkin Monsters! Let your imagination run wild!







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