30 Days Wild · Felt Work

Happy 1st of June

It’s been a while, quite a long while to be honest, but I have a decent excuse I promise.
– We added a brand new member to our family!


So much happy, but so exhausting too and unfortunately my felt and crochet work have had to take a back seat whilst I get used to this new dynamic at home.

We’re getting there though, and new felt and crochet creations are on their way to my Etsy shop! Go ahead, take a peek.

I’ve started working on some needle felted sculptural pieces too. Small, quirky brooches are very much my “go to”, but lately, especially with the new routine that my day-to-day life seems to cart-wheel down at the moment, just spending a little time with my own mind and letting it go wherever it wants to go is quite a luxury. Allowing my felting needles to work in their own world of the weird and wonderful is as essential to me as getting that morning cup of coffee on the go!


At the moment this little guy seems to be making himself heard.


I adore the contrast between the soft, baby pink colour and the terror and anger in his facial expression. There’s still a long way to go with this piece and I’m experimenting with a full wire body skeleton, which is working really well I might add. I’m pretty excited to see how this sculpture will hold its own weight, and the animation windows that might open from this!
Very exciting – I’ll keep you posted!


Otherwise, get out there and enjoy the Summer! I can’t quite believe that Summer is actually here. Me and my other little one are taking part in the #30DaysWild challenge held by the Wildlife Trust. It’s day one today and we’ve planted some seeds that came with the FREE pack! And he loved it! He got his own little pot and showed me how to plant the seeds. It’s so heartwarming to see him excited about this challenge. I’ve still got to think up 29 more “wild” things to do though – wish me luck!

If you’ve got any Wild ideas, please write them down. I’ve got a feeling we’ll be struggling by this time next week!


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