Folksy Friday

All Things Yellow

Another Friday, another #FolksyFriday.

With Autumn inching closer and closer and the weather hinting a cool breeze, I thought I’d tribute this Friday to the colour Yellow and all things Summer!
Let’s hang on to Summer for as long as we can!

3 Yellow Ribbon Flowers                                                     Sunflower Dress


For me, and I’m sure for many people, flowers are the most poignant sign of Summer. These pieces are just so bright and full of joy, it’s impossible not to love them. I’ve even bought some of those gorgeous flowers as gifts before and they’re just beautiful.


main (8)
Shoulder Bag

Perfect for your summery picnics!

main (3)
Dinner Plate

A gorgeous plate to eat your summery salads on

main (6)
Clouded Butterfly Ornament

And this little guy is just adorable! Butterflies – the mascots for Summer!


Wooden Ring                    Seed Print Cuff Bracelet                     Silk Bow Headband

And most importantly, for myself, I love to wear Summer as much as possible! How stunning are these pieces? I’m especially smitten with that bow!

Now I know that yellow isn’t all there is to Summer, but it most certainly makes you think of warm, sunny days, trips to the seaside, BBQ evenings and spending time with your nearest and dearest.

And of course, I couldn’t post without showing you all an utterly stunning felted piece



Have a wonderful Summer guys

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