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For The Love of Writing

Have you heard of Folksy Friday yet?

I sell my work through various online shops and Folksy  is one of my favourites.
Each Friday fellow ‘Folksy-ers’ join together under the hashtag #FolksyFriday and they celebrate the handmade.

It’s a day where we all share a love for the hand crafted. Some link to individual items, others collaborate a collection of pieces under a common subject of interest.
It’s a wonderful way to find beautifully crafted items and even to hear from other makers themselves.



For my very first #FolksyFriday and in the spirit of sharing the written word:

The Love of Writing

From one of my very favourite artists




Untitled-1 copy
You can find links to all of these beautiful pieces on my #FolksyFriday Pinterest board


From the tools you write with to the paper you write one, there are some wonderful makers out there creating unique ways to write and making writing so much more enjoyable through their wonderful designs.

And a little off topic, but far too good to not include in this collaboration:
What a fantastic way to encourage the re-use of envelopes!




I hope that you all have a wonderful Friday, and that you find some wonderfully crafted pieces to marvel over this weekend.
Enjoy writing!







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